When the 2010 “Squirrely Shirley Makes Waves” tour returned to Tucson that fall, I couldn’t stop thinking about how much fun the show had been. This program proved to be a great way to entertain and reinforce important pool and water safety rules for children.

Getting the kids involved by giving water safety advice to Squirrely Shirley really worked!

One of the best things we did during that tour was to distribute “Squirrely Shirley Makes Waves” coloring books to our audiences. This way, the kids got to take away our original eight-page coloring book full of reminders about being safe in water – many of the rules the kids had just shared with Shirley during the show! The kids were happy, and the parents were tickled that their children had a souvenir from the show. Here are links to three of the pages from our 2010 coloring book.