Whenever I can, I like to add a simple magic trick to my shows, so when I wrote the 2010 program, I considered Soft Soap, a trick that involves magically cleaning three small silks. Since I had used this trick during my clowning days, I knew it was a crowd pleaser. I wrote dialogue for Squirrely Shirley to tell me she needed help with her laundry. Since the trick requires a new cardboard box each time, I visited my local magic store for supplies. I discovered that the tear-up box used for that trick had gone from 25 cents to $1.99 each (yes, I’ve had this trick for a long time). I decided to see if I could find a substitute box. In the cereal aisle of the grocery store, I found Attune’s Uncle Sam cereal. The box is not only perfect in size, shape and eye-popping design; it contains good-for-you cereal! Best of all, a box of Uncle Sam cereal costs about the same as the not-too-exciting empty box at the magic store!  I was happy. Then I made arrangements to get a supply of the cereal so I would have a box for each of the shows booked for our summer tour.  

During the show, Shirley and the audience helped me “clean” her towels by doing a little song and dance. What fun it was when I tore up the box once the magic was over and Shirley learned that her use of the word disposable did not mean wonderful.

Here’s a short video segment of that part of the show.