Will you look at that? It has been three months since you have heard from me!

As you know, we squirrels aren’t as active in the winter as we are in the summer, and this winter has been cold enough for me to just spend my time snuggling into my nest inside the tree and wait for warmer weather.

I am happy to report that spring is almost here, and that means summer won’t be far behind!! Whooeeee – summer – my favorite time of year!!

As I mentioned in December, our latest program, “Squirrely Shirley Digs Up a Treasure Chest of Trouble,” will be on tour in July and August. I can hardly wait! I have my autograph stamp ready, and I have plans to share part of the treasure I dig up during each show with everyone in the audience.

I am looking forward to seeing old and new friends at each of the library we visit.

See you soon! Your Friend