Sam Dragonetti did a great job watching my tree house when I was away. I hope he joins a social network on the Internet so I can write him a recommendation. He’s a great tree-sitter!

So, here we are in the middle of the summer, and we are already talking about where the “Squirrely Shirley Meets Fry-Fry” tour will take us next year. Sometimes it’s hard to stay in the here and now when we are busy planning ahead.

Our wonderful artist, Lisa Cardenas has already started to create our 2012-2013 coloring book about the time I put on a few extra pounds because I wasn’t careful about what I was eating.

Do you know that when you weigh more than you should, it is hard to get around? As a rule, squirrels aren’t concerned about this, but I found out the hard way. Hope my story will keep others from making the same mistake!

Our design firm, Buchanan Design in San Diego, has agreed to help create our overall image – I think they call this the “program brand.”
Anyway, our tour next year will be a success because we have managed to get so many fine people to join our team. We still need a few more partners. Are you interested? If you are, I will ask the storyteller person lady, Glenda Bonin, to send you a copy of the plan. Your Friend, Squirrely Shirley