Hope everyone has had a great winter. Even though it has been sorta cold out, some of us get to swim indoors (yep, my friend Beaver came through, and the pool he promised to build for me in the lower level of my tree is done). Yea! Remember when we talked last summer about being safe in and around the water? Well, I’ve figured out a way to give away ALL the pages from my coloring book so you can have fun coloring while you are waiting for the warm days of summer to return again. Just go to the bottom left side of this page and click on the last photo frame. All eight pages from my coloring book are there for free as a present from me to you!

You may have noticed that I’ve changed some of the stuff on my page. It’s lots more fun now with new things to see and do. Go ahead and click on the different photos to see what you find. (I’ll try to add new things once in a while, so be sure to visit often.)

Love, your friend, Shirley