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As a busy and dedicated professional storyteller and touring artist, I have established a large repertoire of personal and traditional tales to entertain audiences of all ages. Since 1996, my work has included performances for schools, libraries, concerts, conferences, festivals and community events in several states around the country. During the past 6 years, I have developed and regularly provide storytelling programs to audiences in senior living communities, including people dealing with memory care issues. If you would like more information about my work, or if you are interested in booking a storytelling show, please send a message via the contact link below.  


Woo-Hoo! What a grand time we had putting on the “Squirrely Shirley Meets Fry-Fry!” show to a huge crowd at the Great AZ Puppet Theater in Phoenix last Saturday. The National Day of Puppetry is always so much fun.

I really excited about doing the show again, because we’ve added some new stuff to the show and now it really rocks!! Best of all, the audience gets to help me say, “Bye-Bye to Fry-Fry!
Bring the whole family to Apollo Middle School (265 W Nebraska Street) in Tucson on Saturday, April 27th. The Grow 2B Fit Family Fit Fest (10 a.m. to 2 p.m.) will be lots of fun, and you may learn some new and fun ways to stay fit. Best of all, the whole event is FREE!!

See ya!!

Your friend,
Squirrely Shirley