Has it already been a month since my last message? Wow! Summertime goes too fast for this squirrel – really, Even though I wear a fur coat, I love this time of year! That’s ’cause all the trees are green, the flowers are blooming. Isn’t nature great?
I’ll never understand why people even bother to buy stuff in cans this time of year. . But it is the end of summer that I love the most – that’s when the acorns are out. Yum – squirrel food – my favorite. Lots of animals (and even people) pass up acorns because they taste sorta bitter and are sometimes hard to digest. NOT FOR A SQUIRREL, THOUGH. Acorns are perfect food for squirrels. Did you know that? Well now you do.

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you how much fun we had at the library in Sierra Vista early in June. Almost 130 people were in the audience – about 97 or so were kids. Glenda told some great stories, and I (of course) was awesome. Best of all, the kids were fantastic about helping me get rid of that pest, Fry-Fry. I had to spend almost a week cleaning up my tree stump after he finally left. I probably shouldn’t say this about anyone, but Fry-Fry is a slob. Now that he’s gone, I’ve been eating better and exercising more – I’m looking’ good – even if I say so myself!
Love from Your friend,
Squirrely Shirley