Yea!! Preparations are underway! Soon we’ll be traveling toward Washington State and the ten Timberland Regional Libraries where our show is booked to bring fun, stories and my special kind of nonsense to their Summer Reading Program schedule.
As the star of the program, I don’t think I have to do much of the hard stuff when it comes to packing. After all, the title of the show is “Squirrely Shirley Digs up a Treasure Chest of Trouble.” My biggest concern is that the storyteller person lady, Glenda Bonin, packs enough acorns to keep me happy. Since she doesn’t eat acorns, she’s likely to forget, so I remind her about this a lot.

I sure hope you will be able to come see one of the shows. You will find the library names, times and dates on the front page of this website.

See you soon!

Your “soon to be on tour” squirrel friend,