The Summer Reading Program tour is over now and we are back in Arizona. I think this summer program was the best ever, and we have lots of photos and some fan letters to prove it!

I’m glad to say I have more time to read now, so I plan to check out a few good books from the library. I hope you will be doing the same. If you happen to visit the library when I’m there, be sure to say hello.
In the next month I need to finish collecting acorns to store up for the winter months. This way, I’ll have all the food I need after the colder weather arrives.

I hope the story-teller-person-lady, Glenda Bonin, dreams up another summer reading program for the 2014 season. I always have a good time with every Squirrely Shirley show.
So far we’ve presented three different shows:  Squirrely Shirley Makes Waves, Squirrely Shirley Meets Fry-Fry, and Squirrely Shirley Digs up a Treasure Chest of Trouble. It is hard for me to say which show I liked doing best, they are all good (’cause I’m the star, of course).

Science is the SRP theme for 2014, so I’ve been thinking about how to make “Fizz, Boom, Read” into a real rockem-sockem show that every librarian will want add to the summer schedule. I will keep you posted.

Your friend,
Squirrely Shirley