Thanks for your interest in the art of storytelling!

I love being a storyteller, and am always pleased when I have opportunities to share personal stories, world folktales and western history narratives. As a touring performer and workshop presenter, my work has taken me all around the country. I provide workshops and entertain audiences of all ages at schools, libraries, concerts, conferences, festivals and community events. Most recently, I’ve been telling stories to audiences in senior living communities, including people dealing with memory care issues.  


Everyone says it is fall, but where I live in Arizona, we didn’t get the memo. It is still very hot, so I have been spending a lot of time in my tree staying cool. As soon as the temperatures cool off, I’ll start working on my new SRP show for 2015. I love the subject of HEROS, and can hardly wait to work on the show. I think I’ll call it “Super Hero Squirrely Shirley Learns a Thing or Two at the Library.” I’ll get back to you with more details as soon as we have a few days that feel more like fall in my part of the woods.

Your friend,
Squirrely Shirley