Wow! What a summer this one has been! We’ve had a bunch of fun bringing the latest show, “Squirrely Shirley Discovers the Magic of Science,” to kids and families in libraries around Arizona.
Best of all, there are a lot of new names in my fan club! It’s so cool to have fans close to home, because I get to see them more often than my friends in California, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Washington.

This month, I got a fan letter from the audience and librarians in Pine, Arizona. The card said, “We loved your show – Still talking about it! THANK YOU.”

. . . My people!

I must remember to send them a thank you for their thank you. I really liked doing the show in Pine – it’s a beautiful Arizona town, and a wonderful place to visit. It’s cool in the summer and they have snow in the winter for folks who like to ski and make snowmen – what more could a kid or a squirrel want??

Keep on having fun, and enjoy reading those books you’ve checked out from the library.
Can you believe it? School is right around the corner! Have a great time and learn lots!

Your friend,

Squirrely Shirley