Thanks for your interest in the art of storytelling!

I love being a storyteller, and am always pleased when I have opportunities to share personal stories, world folktales and western history narratives. As a touring performer and workshop presenter, my work has taken me all around the country. I provide workshops and entertain audiences of all ages at schools, libraries, concerts, conferences, festivals and community events. Most recently, I’ve been telling stories to audiences in senior living communities, including people dealing with memory care issues.  


Wow! What a summer this one has been! We’ve had a bunch of fun bringing the latest show, “Squirrely Shirley Discovers the Magic of Science,” to kids and families in libraries around Arizona.
Best of all, there are a lot of new names in my fan club! It’s so cool to have fans close to home, because I get to see them more often than my friends in California, Pennsylvania, Nevada and Washington.

This month, I got a fan letter from the audience and librarians in Pine, Arizona. The card said, “We loved your show – Still talking about it! THANK YOU.”

. . . My people!

I must remember to send them a thank you for their thank you. I really liked doing the show in Pine – it’s a beautiful Arizona town, and a wonderful place to visit. It’s cool in the summer and they have snow in the winter for folks who like to ski and make snowmen – what more could a kid or a squirrel want??

Keep on having fun, and enjoy reading those books you’ve checked out from the library.
Can you believe it? School is right around the corner! Have a great time and learn lots!

Your friend,

Squirrely Shirley