Healthy Kids Day last Saturday, April 14th was so much fun. I think lots of people in Tucson, AZ like the idea of being healthy and staying fit, because the event brought out a bunch of them. Since it rained a little in the morning (yea!), we got to do our “Squirrely Shirley Meets Fry-Fry!” show in the meeting room of the Himmel Branch Library instead of outside as planned. Our show ROCKED (even if I say so myself)!

I really like it the kids get my little jokes, and everyone has a good time helping that storytelling-person-lady, Glenda Bonin, tell stories. Best of all, we got our message across, and the kids helped me say “Bye-Bye, Fry-Fry.” (If you don’t know about that awful guy, Fry-Fry, be sure to catch our show at the Sierra Vista Library, June 7 at 10 a.m.)

Your friend, Squirrely Shirley