Did you know April 23rd was National Day of Puppetry? Neither did I, but now I do because I spent the whole day in Phoenix at the Great Arizona Puppet Theatre with that puppet storyteller person lady, Glenda Bonin. We did a show for a large audience of children and parents. What a hoot! Problem was, I got caught in a spotlight – I’m not used to those bright lights, and I had trouble finding my bubble solution in my tree stump and almost missed my cue. Oops! Things worked out, and we had a fun show.

I attended the Taking Control of Your Diabetes Conference in Tucson on April 2nd and learned a whole lot about how important it is to exercise regularly and eat healthy food (instead of some of the junk I’ve been sampling lately). It’s hard to say no to all that sweet, salty and greasy fried food, but I do a little better each day, so I guess there is hope for this little squirrel.

I’m planning to hanging with Glenda Bonin to put on a few more shows this summer at various places around Arizona. Will keep you informed.