Thanks for your interest in the art of storytelling!

I love being a storyteller, and am always pleased when I have opportunities to share personal stories, world folktales and western history narratives. As a touring performer and workshop presenter, my work has taken me all around the country. I provide workshops and entertain audiences of all ages at schools, libraries, concerts, conferences, festivals and community events. Most recently, I’ve been telling stories to audiences in senior living communities, including people dealing with memory care issues.  


Our Summer Reading Program show this year featuring yours truly, Super Hero Squirrely Shirley, was full of giggles and laughs. This summer season was kinda short as far as I am concerned – we need to take this one on the road to audiences in recreational areas all around the country. We need to keep spreading the word.

Although I had to share the limelight, I really had a good time doing this show with Mz Riparian and Pete the Pack Rat. Those two really helped keep me on my toes – I mean paws!

I am proud to say we now have a bunch of Junior Riparian Super Heroes in Arizona who were inspired by the show to help make a difference for frogs and other critters living in riparian zones.

Here is the Junior Riparian Super Hero Pledge

· I promise to be aware of how important the wetlands are for the small critters that live there.

· I promise to leave nature as I find it. (I will not take the rocks, plants or animals from their home in nature.

· I promise to remove my trash when camping or enjoying a family picnic.

· I promise to respect the areas called riparian zones so our waterways in Arizona will remain safe, clean and beautiful.

Your Good Friend Forever,

Squirrely Shirley