Winston the Wide Mouth Frog and Other Fantastic Folktales

This CD contains seven folktales from around the world. The title story is a traditional American story and is provided here in its entirety for your enjoyment. The other stories hail from Mexico, Wales, Paraguay, Ancient Greece, Brazil and Alaska.

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The Dead Don't Die in Tuttle...

and Other Ghostly Tales

Stories for Halloween, Summer Camp and Sleepovers!

A collection of stories arranged in ever-increasing “scare levels.” Children under the age of seven should listen with their parents during the last few stories in this CD.

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Family Gazette

Stories about Life in the West

A collection of tales about Norwegian
homesteaders, a German fiddle player,
a singing cowboy, and memories about
growing up in Wyoming in the 1940s.


  • Setting Liberty Free
  • Grandpa Al and Max
  • My Father Was a Singing Cowboy
  • Buddy and the Bear
  • Motorcycle Momma

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This collection of stories was originally produced in 2003. The current CD was re-mastered and placed into circulation in 2006.

The Dusty Vail Tales

Growing up on the Empire Ranch in Arizona

This collection of stories is about the twelve years Dusty Vail spent on the Empire Ranch near Sonoita, Arizona between 1914 and 1927. Dusty was a true child of the west, enjoying some delightful and thrilling adventures as she grew up on this large and successful cattle ranch at a time when the west was young. In 2001, Dusty shared her memories with me. I subsequently presented these stories during the annual Roundup celebration at the Empire Ranch in 2007.

For more information about the Empire Ranch, please go to the following

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Tails You Might Have Herd Before... or knot!

I created this CD after I received a challenge from my friends, David and Katheryn Heinenger of Black Mesa Ranch in Snowflake, Arizona. David and Kathryn are living their dream as the owners of a fabulously successful, off-the-grid goat ranch and dairy. They love their goats, and so do I! This CD is a tribute to my friends and their fantastic herd of Nubian goats.

Folktales about goats can be found all around the world where these wonderful animals contribute to the production of milk, cheese, meat and fiber. On this CD, I have adapted seven folktales from different cultures: two from Ancient Greece, two from Africa, two from Europe and one from India. The final story is my original version of a journey tale about an unlikely group of goats making their way from New Mexico to Arizona on their own.

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What folks have said about Glenda’s recordings:

“On a recent long-distance car trip, my daughters (9-year-old twins) asked that we bring along the ‘storytelling one’ CD. Great idea. They are mesmerized whenever they listen to it. Forty-five minutes, and not a peep out of them. They, and I, want more.”

Orthopedic Physician
Tucson, AZ

“She reminds me to look for the simple things for stories. . . . There is a ‘quiet charm’ that is very appealing. Also, the stories have a wide age range in interest.”

Retired Librarian
Mesa Community College