I love it when I can do a science experiment to help me understand why things are the way they are, and that’s what science does.
Science means knowledge, and that’s a good thing to have, right?
I’ve found a few interesting experiments to go along with my latest Library Summer Reading Program for the FIZZ, BOOM, READ! theme.

This is the first in a series of six science projects, and each of experiment comes with complete instructions so you can duplicate what I discovered.
(Duplicate is a word they use a lot in science.) It means that if you do an experiment and learn something, it has to be something others can do to and check the learning for accuracy. So I hope you will duplicate my experiment and we can be scientists together.

Let’s Make FiZZY Lemon Soda!!

To do this, be sure to ask an adult to help you locate the following items:

One lemon, a measuring cup, a drinking glass, some water, 1 teaspoon of baking soda and some sweetener (because your fizzy lemon soda will not taste sweet without sugar of some other kind of sweetener).

For the complete “Fizzy Lemon Soda” science experiment,
just click on the link to print out the PDF of instructions.