Here’s a scientific experiment you can make at home so you can hear what your heart sounds like. Believe it or not, a doctor’s stethoscope works a lot like this homemade listening device.

Here’s what you need to collect for this experiment:

* A plastic funnel (about 2″ across)
* A piece of “press and seal wrap” big enough to cover the wide end of the funnel. (You can also use a balloon: first blow up the balloon, let the air out and then cut off the neck of the balloon.)
* Tape
* Plastic tubing (close in size to tightly cover the narrow end of the funnel and long enough to reach from your ear to your chest)

How to make a homemade stethoscope:

Click here to get the complete FREE instructions PDF of “Boom, Boom, Boom! Can You Hear Your Heartbeat?” I know you will have fun making your own stethoscope!

That’s it for now. Until next time, remember: Science is cool!!