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I love being a storyteller, and am always pleased when I have opportunities to share personal stories, world folktales and western history narratives. As a touring performer and workshop presenter, my work has taken me all around the country. I provide workshops and entertain audiences of all ages at schools, libraries, concerts, conferences, festivals and community events. Most recently, I’ve been telling stories to audiences in senior living communities, including people dealing with memory care issues.  


Here’s a scientific experiment you can make at home so you can hear what your heart sounds like. Believe it or not, a doctor’s stethoscope works a lot like this homemade listening device.

Here’s what you need to collect for this experiment:

* A plastic funnel (about 2″ across)
* A piece of “press and seal wrap” big enough to cover the wide end of the funnel. (You can also use a balloon: first blow up the balloon, let the air out and then cut off the neck of the balloon.)
* Tape
* Plastic tubing (close in size to tightly cover the narrow end of the funnel and long enough to reach from your ear to your chest)

How to make a homemade stethoscope:

Click here to get the complete FREE instructions PDF of “Boom, Boom, Boom! Can You Hear Your Heartbeat?” I know you will have fun making your own stethoscope!

That’s it for now. Until next time, remember: Science is cool!!