I am not a person who pays much attention to April Fools Day or Friday the 13th, but in retrospect it seems I should have taken both days a bit more seriously. Between my work and doing the labor of painting our home in anticipation of opening a Bed & Breakfast (The Storyteller’s Bungalow) in the fall. I was confident I had no time left in April for distractions or any new endeavors. 

By mid-month, I had finished up a delightful 4-day residency for 1st grade classes at a school in Scottsdale, Arizona, performed a multicultural storytelling show at a local library and presented “Squirrely Shirley Meets Fry-Fry!” during Tucson’s  Healthy Kids Day Celebration. My mind was occupied with thoughts about learning some new stories, and I was looking forward to developing shows for two new programs I will be doing later this year. I had reached a point where I believed I had finally gotten into an easy rhythm with this blog. I was feeling great. 

Just about that time (April 13th), a hacker struck my email account and caused most of my plans to come to a halt.  

All this is to say, I came face to face with a lesson I thought I had learned many other times in my life: we never really know what can happen. No matter how much we think we are in control, something out there or some unexplained event can change our plans before we know it. That’s life, and because I sometimes get so wrapped up with what I am doing, I guess I needed to be reminded again about how uncertain life can be.  

Thank goodness I have my health, a wonderful family and am surrounded by good friends. I love my work, and I appreciate having the freedom to be able to do many of the things I enjoy. It is unfortunate that we must occasionally deal with troublemakers on the Internet, dishonest and greedy folks, and other problems that come our way. How easy it is to become angry, frustrated and depressed about things we cannot control. I am happy to say that my nature won’t let me stay in these dark places for long. I don’t want to miss out on the moments I live for: love, joy, accomplishment, creating art, spending time with my favorite people and having the satisfaction of doing some good in this world. Most of all, I don’t want to let trouble win. I hope this is true for you, too!
I’m looking forward to the month of May.